Pixelmon NFT

Within the void of the Cryptoverse lives a long lost civilization of Pixelated monsters.

A recent rift between our worlds now allow humans and Pixelmon to interact within the same timespace.

Align with as many pixelmon you can manage! Who can collect the largest pixelmon kingdom and help to stabilize the rift and bring peace once again!

About Us

Solana Blockchain based interactive story driven collectable called Pixelmon featuring PvP, P2E games with an animated series.

3500+ Pixelmon will emerge in the first phase and grow with their human companion - and one day EVOLVE.

With continued support we can provide merchandising, possible webtoon, and more! Be a part of a fresh concept and an exciting race to collect and gather all of the available Pixelmon and form a sprawling Pixelmon society that will determine the defender of the Metaverse.


Social media sites launch and 3500+ Pixelmon will emerge in the first phase.

Jan 21 Premint
Jan 23 Public Mint

Pixelmon DAO launches. The community will have a say over how the funds are allocated.

Immediately after pre-sale

PVP game launches on the Pixelmon website for all to see and enjoy. The PVP game will be developed by Metagates.


Pixelmon animated series launches from the creative minds of Elevat3 Studio.

Gen II Pixelmon emerge!

Manifestation of Token called $VOIDCOIN with staking.

Q3 2022

Pixelmon full game is released and will implement all previous assets, including assets called "devices". As well as the usage of $VOIDCOIN.

Q4 2022



A combat based 1v1 game with a unique set of abilities to battle out your opponents. Featuring a live leaderboard with rankings and prizes awarded to top 'Brawlers'.

We'll be partnering with MetaGates who'll be developing our game. They're a group with an astonishing set of skills and capabilities, go check them out!

Team Members




Head of Art and Design







Dark Phoenix



Web Dev


When is the presale?

When is the public sale?

Is there a limit on how many I can mint per wallet?

Will there be Secondary Sales?

What is the Mint Price?

What is the Supply?

When is the first PvP web game launching?

When is the animated series launching?

What are OG member perks?